The Kinde Trio

The Kinde Trio was a small jazz/funk band based in Rochester, NY. We were active from 2004 to 2007. The name was a nod to the drummer whose last name is Kinde. Normally it’s pronounced “KIN dee”, but the band was usually pronounced “kind.”

The Trio was originally a guitar/bass/drum outfit. I joined on keyboards (primary Fender Rhodes) about a year into their tenure. We decided to keep the same name so we were known as the trio of four. We played at small bars and coffee shops around the city. We would often play with our friends in the band Oshe, another local group.

I am grateful to my friend Rob Servo, aka City Kitty who welcomed me into the band. Rob is a visual artist working in the international street art scene. While in the Trio, he created album art and promotional posters for the Trio and other touring bands. The header of this page is taken from one of his paintings.

As a budding keyboardist, I was happy to be in a band where I could begin to explore jazz. We all loved fusion, jazz, and rock, and were interested in combining elements of these genres. Everyone in the band was laid back, open minded, and positive.

We would practice at my place on Genesee Street near the University of Rochester, not far from where the river intersects with the canal. I had a drumset and an acoustic piano in my tiny living room. I had to squeeze past them to get from my tiny bedroom to my tiny kitchen. The shelves in the kitchen were lined with Jack Daniels bottles, evidence of many a past rehearsal. Jack and Coke was our drink in those days.

I learned a lot about jazz with the Trio and about how to be a better band member. I’m grateful to Rob, Dave, and Dan for the time we spent together musically and socially. I can still see us crammed into that little space by the door at ACME Pizza. That was fun.


  • Cherish the musical moments - they are fleeting
  • Music is highly subjective
  • A band is a tribe when it’s at its best