Rat Soup

Rat Soup is a funk/soul band I’ve been involved with since 2013. The trumpet player is an old friend of mine from college. We both attended RIT circa 2000 and met in music theory class. After graduating he moved to Huntington Beach to work at Boeing while I stayed back in Rochester. Eventually I also found myself in southern California for a job, and it just so happened his seven piece funk band needed a keyboardist.

Members of Rat Soup

In Rat Soup we focus on the classic sounds of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. My rig is perfect for this genre. The B3 does most of the work while the Nord produces authentic Rhodes, Wurli, clavinet, piano, and even some decent synth sounds. I also use it for playing samples to fill in spaces in the music.

We have a residency at J King Neptunes and play Rock n Roll Running Series events among many other stages. We bring a family friendly party atmosphere and love to see our audiences get up and shake it out.

Rat Soup onstage in Las Vegas


  • There are few higher states than playing in a band when things are cookin’