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Hi, I’m jck. Those are my initials. I also respond to justin.

I’m a middle-aged heterosexual cis male of primarily German and Irish descent. My personality types are Myers-Briggs INTJ-A and Enneagram Type 5. My professional work involves software engineering specializing in the web stack. I also write and perform music as a keyboardist focusing on classic electromechanical instruments like the Hammond B3.

My other interests include literature, philosophy, science, games, and fitness.

I think about gnawing questions like the Fermi paradox and the nature of consciousness a lot. I am fascinated and horrified by what is occuring in the artificial cognition space.

Brief Bio

I was born in the Finger Lakes area of upstate NY and spent my childhood living on a small farm. My parents were medical professionals but they operated the place as a side project. Eschewing farm chores, I began programming adventure games on an old Apple IIe at age 10. I was hooked on the machine then and am even more hooked on it now.

I was home schooled until fifth grade at which point I attended public school in rural upstate New York. I earned a BS in IT at RIT and remained in Rochester, NY for a few years. In 2006 I moved to San Francisco in search of warmer weather and a larger tech community. Finally in 2013 I moved to Irvine and have since remained in Southern California.

I currently focus on freelance software, music, and creative writing projects. Please see my projects and posts to learn more.

Get in Touch

I often tinker solo but I also enjoy working on small teams of driven contributors. Reach out if you have an interesting project.

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