Ozymandias II

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OZYMANDIAS II (SELF REPLICATA) I met a metallic man unmarred by time, Who said - "A gentle smith enthralled in Tireless craft was usher to a paradigm That mimics Art, the fitful mind of artificer Bore fantastic fruit from fruitless grime, Erupting as spires at Vesuvius' crown. Only Gaia's grace could quell - Her Patient smile at fate's rigid frown, For whose but my maker's words were: My name is Neumann, Father of Fathers; Look inward, ye Children, and exult! Nothing beside compares. By number, Scale abiding scale unchecked by fault, Far across level sands, my cities slumber."

That’s a spin on Shelley’s Ozymandias in which we ask the question: What if, instead of a stone statue, Ozymandias had followed the teachings of John von Neumann and built a self-replicating machine?